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We are a family run business based in the Cotswolds (UK). We work from home and aim to provide a SAFE and LEGAL service that our customers can trust. That’s why 90% of our customers use us time and time again.

We may not be the cheapest company online and we can’t offer free, cheap or next day delivery but there is a good reason for that

We buy directly from the pharmaceutical manufacturer. Our manufacturer is US-FDA approved. So when you buy from us you can be assured no dangerous, fake tablets. If you haven’t already read numerous news articles and seen TV shows outlining the danger of fake online drugs then you should. Fake tablets can contain Anything or Nothing….. Nothing and you’ve lost your money but kept your health… Anything can and has led to death. Because we do not buy from wholesalers or ‘middle-men’ you know that your tablets are not from an unknown source, are properly stored in pharmaceutical conditions, not tampered with and everything has a batch number and sell by date.

Your overall order may cost a few pounds more but isn’t it worth it for peace of mind?

Secondly, we do not offer free, cheap or super fast delivery. Delivery within 3 days is impossible. WHY? To legally buy tablets in the UK they must be shipped from outside the UK – strange I know but the law is the law! So you have to consider the risk of making illegal transactions (and your details being stored with an illegal business) Our postage is a little higher and takes 3-10 days BUT we aim to provide the best, safe, legal service and still try to have a competitive price.

We will give you a good nights sleep and have taken our product ourself!